As we talk to perspective real estate agents here at the Kansas Real Estate School we often get the question; “What does a real estate agent actually do?”

And you know what? The answer is really quite broad. What the public thinks a real estate agent does and what an agent actually does are two completely different things! After all, the successful real estate agent is part;

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  • Uber driver
  • Communications specialist
  • Project manager
  • Expert in architectural design
  • Visionary: see what is “not there” regarding walls, paint, etc
  • Bartender
  • Marriage counselor
  • Psychiatrist
  • Negotiator
  • Financial analyst
  • Economic developer
  • Executive assistant
  • CEO

I could have more fun and go on and on and on.  As someone who has been in this business since 2002 I have never ceased to be amazed at the different roles I have played. That includes one night, early in my career, being a brick mason so that a house that was supposed to close the next day could get re-inspected by the FHA appraiser and my sellers could sell their house so they could buy the other one they were supposed to close on immediately after this one closed. Did you follow that?  Whew! Oh, and did I mention it was dark and snowing?

When you get your real estate license you become a business owner.  With that comes all the responsibilities until you make enough money that you can hire a person to help, then two and so on.  Just like a brick and mortar business, without all the capital required.

So when you ask yourself “What does a real estate agent actually do?” you are really asking yourself “Am I ready to be in business for myself because I’ll be responsible for everything?”  If the answer is “Yes!”, real estate is a fantabulous way to make a living.

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