What makes
KRES unique?


Do you offer the course live or via Online Webinar?

We don’t have traditional online classes where students work individually at their own pace. Instead, we offer a hybrid learning model. Most students still attend in person, but if it’s not possible due to distance or scheduling conflicts, they can attend online via Zoom. It’s live and interactive, allowing students to ask questions and have discussions with those in the classroom. The hybrid model allows students to attend remotely while others are present in the room.

Do I have to complete quizzes / tests to pass the course?

To pass the course, you are only required to have 100% attendance, as the state does not mandate the completion of quizzes or tests. However, we do administer quizzes and practice exams to assess your retention and identify areas where you may need additional support. So, expect to have quizzes and tests throughout the course.

Can I sit in on a live class, to see what it's like?

Absolutely! You are welcome to sit in on a class at any time. Also, after you successfully complete our course, you can audit classes at any time, as long as there is availability.

Where are your locations?

Our location in Olathe is easy to find, located near Santa Fe and Mur-Len streets. The main campus is where we hold night classes, while day classes are held at our Shawnee Mission location, which is about 10 miles away. Our training facilities are equipped with touch screen monitors and Zoom Room audio/video technology to provide a comfortable and functional learning environment for those in the classroom or attending virtually.

What if I have to miss a class?

Our attendance policy allows excused absences if we receive advanced written notice. If you provide a legitimate reason for an absence, we’ll work with you to schedule makeup time that’s convenient for both of us. The instructor must supervise all makeup time, so it’s not a matter of making it up on your own. If the absence was due to an emergency, we understand and won’t penalize you. However, it may be difficult to schedule makeup time immediately but, you can attend the same class with the next cohort group, which starts each month. We’ll do our best to accommodate each individual situation.

What makes your school different?

What sets us apart from other schools you may be considering is our student-focused approach. We understand that adults have different learning styles, and we work to personalize the learning process as much as possible by keeping classes small. We offer personalized attention and focus on your success. Our commitment to our students isn’t just a marketing concept, it’s part of our mission. We aim to help you achieve your goals, and that’s our top priority. We don’t mean to degrade any other school or opportunity, but we believe our personalization and commitment to our students are what make us unique.